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Thoughts on Finances

As we grow as a ministry with various projects, paid staff, and more ideas… we needed to focus on ways to finance these things beyond our own pockets. As a group we were blessed by the following thoughts from George about the topic. We share them to make transparent how we approach finances in our ministry and to share the thoughts as a gift to both givers and also others asking for money.


Our activities in this area must always be rooted in the ways of the Lord: peace, love, faith in his goodness and easy ability to provide for what he is calling us to do.


At the same time, we must act responsibly in the practical things of life, including money, so that the work of God does not come into disrepute. 


As we enlist new financial stakeholders, we must never forget that we are not “after their money.” We are inviting them into meaningful participation in the work of the Lord.


To help establish this in our hearts, it is appropriate to ask ourselves how we can serve others, expecting nothing in return. This is the way of love.


What kind of people come to mind? First, those with whom we are already connected in relationship–friendship. Second, those who are drawn in heart to the vision.


Now “those who are drawn in heart to the vision” suggests that an important part of our work is to share the vision. Communicate what God has called us to so that others might be joined with it.


We are not looking for “immediate” results. We are cultivating long-term relational partnerships.


Of course God knows our needs and may well prompt people to give right away. That is his and their business. We are NEVER pressuring people. We are inviting people to join us in what God is doing. We ALWAYS respect their decision.


We are not looking for people who “have money” although we are also not excluding them either. Typically God’s provision will come in ways that are to us unexpected. We will look back and say, “Wow, Lord, you were at work and we did not know it.”


We respect and honor people. We look for ways to receive their permission to share more of the vision with them. We respectfully give them the information they need to participate with us financially should they desire to do so.

How To Give In Euros

Quellen is a member of the international fellowship of ministries which make up Antioch Network. In Germany “Antioch Network Deutschland e.V.” is a registered Verein. All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipts.

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How To Give In Dollars

Quellen is a member of the international fellowship of ministries which make up Antioch Network. In the US, “Antioch Network” is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipts.

Financial contributions may be designated for “Quellen Fund” and sent to:

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