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Book Reviews

Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life

By George Miley

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Loving the Church… Blessing the Nations

Reader Reviews

Reader Reviews

In Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life, George Miley shares the fruit his years of spiritual formation, engagement with the breadth of the Christian tradition, and his experience working with Christian leaders around the world in pithy yet profound tweets. George’s characteristic gentleness, depth, and clarity are on display throughout each chapter. The book is a call and an invitation into a deeper life with God, a deeper relationship to the body of Christ, and a deeper love for the broken world that God is restoring to beauty through the gracious, Spirit-infused practices so compellingly articulated in these pages.
— Rev. Chris Schutte, Rector, All Saints Anglican Church, Durham, NC

This book is a profound gift that will take the reader on a journey that is both fresh and wonderfully accessible. George Miley is someone who has walked deeply with God and the fruits of this rich relationship are the wisdom and insight into what it looks like to live intimately with Jesus. This book has been transformational for me as a husband, father and leader, as I trust it will be for you as well. 
— Ryan Thurman, International Director, Antioch Network

God invites his people into new life, a life in His Kingdom. But what does that look like? George Miley has thought deeply about that question and has years of experience working with believers around the world. The insights and reflections God has given him are captured in this short but powerful book. I encourage anyone who is hungry to experience and express the Kingdom of God in your life to join George in the life-long journey of discipleship to Jesus.
— Shawn Carson, Lay leader, Christ Church Anglican, Phoenix, AZ

Drawing from powerful personal life experiences, George Miley, in this well written book challenges us to deeper spiritual growth, soul care…becoming Christlike and more. Read this book – every tweet is a nugget, every sentence draws us into conversation with self and God.
Lawrence Tong, DD., International Director, Operation Mobilization

This book is a compelling read because George Miley is authentic, writing only what he has gleaned from meditation, reflection, and gained from life’s experiences. George has lived his life exemplifying all that he expounds in the 24 chapters of the book. A testament to his life that speaks volumes to me, is how he has demonstrated Christ’s love for the church, by loving his wife Hanna so deeply, to walk with her through a sad and tragic past to the present, of restoration and reconciliation.

The content of this book has substance, and gives you practical insights to spiritual maturity in bite-sized pieces, which makes it easy to read and to extract a personal lesson to act upon. George has crystallised the spiritual gems found in this book, what must have been through precious seasons of discipline, meditation, revelation and learning, and shared them with us so generously.  I highly recommend this book and it will join the section called ‘Classics’ in my library.
— Mrs. Belinda Liok-Tay, fourth generation Singaporean Christian and granddaughter of Faithful Luke, a co-worker with Watchman Nee in China

Surely every follower of Jesus Christ wants to live a life pleasing to God. In this book George Miley draws from his own experience over many decades in serving God in different ministries as well as the saints of God through history. The aim of this book is to challenge the reader to pursue a life that will have an impact in the world and glorify God. It is practical and inspiring and a very helpful tool for every Christian.

— Manfred Schaller, Chairman of the Board (Emeritus), OM Ships International, and Prädikant in the Protestant Church of Baden, Germany


Just as Jesus taught his disciples and allowed them to participate in his life, so today more than ever it is crucial that Christians mature spiritually and emotionally, and are transformed toward becoming increasingly like Christ. The author gives wonderful guidance for experiencing this. The book is especially recommended for Christian leaders.

Verena and Hans-Peter Lang, Austrian Round Table — An Initiative for Unity in the Body of Christ

Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life has send us on a wonderful path to explore and discover more of God’s plan, vision and purpose for our lives. George Miley has a profound gift in unwrapping biblical truths and enlightening human paths. His simple but deep and short Tweets (statements) are a pleasure to read time and time again.

— Ludwig Benecke, Attorney-At-Law, Benecke Rechtsanwälte, Oberfranken, Germany
— Cecily Benecke, Personal Assistant to George and Hanna Miley in Germany/Europe

In Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life, George Miley teaches us with direct and accessible language about living in God’s Presence and how transformed lives manifest God’s kingdom. George’s book is beautifully written and presented, offering spiritual and practical nourishment. As a companion book, I’ll return often to Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life for contemplation and encouragement. Thank you George for this important book.     
— Jim Craft, General Counsel, Apogee Physicians

In 2010 George Miley led a five day retreat for our community, Christ the Reconciler, in which he presented several teachings on inner healing, spiritual disciplines and growth toward maturity in Christ. These teachings, now compiled and expanded in Maturing Toward Wholeness in the Inner Life, were significant in transforming both individual lives and our community as a whole. The simple, unadorned statements in this book leave space for contemplation and direct dialogue with the Holy Spirit. We are thankful that this teaching which has blessed us so deeply is now available to many others in the Body of Christ.

— Thomas and Amy Cogdell, Founders, Christ the Reconciler, Elgin, TX

We desire to sit at the feet of people who have proven their followership of Jesus through authentic kingdom living. We hope they write a book (don’t we?) about this accumulated wisdom from decades of this apprenticeship. George Miley is that mature leader who has done just this, choosing a novel proverbial way of communicating a lifetime of wisdom, delivering it … twitter-fashion. This isn’t a book to read cover to cover at the beach, it is instead a mighty meal intended to be eaten one tweet at a time.

 — Dr. Kit Danley, President, Neighborhood Ministries, Phoenix, AZ

A brilliant way to capture fundamental truth about the journey our Lord takes us on. George, presents on these pages through reality of life, the awesomeness of God through His word. God is restoring us to Himself each day and this book is a tremendous encouragement along this journey.
— Seelan Govender, CEO, OM Ships International

For both the purposes of private devotion and times of collective retreat, Maturing Toward Wholeness In the Inner Life, is a thought-provoking and grace-filled foundation for growth into Christian maturity. This collection of wisdom drawn from Scripture and a life of discipleship is a wonderful resource for learning how to grow in Christ, and a gift for the Church as it seeks to follow after Jesus Christ today. Thanks so much, George, for the book, the retreat, and all that you and Hanna mean to us at Christ Church Anglican.
— Rev. Matt Rucker, Priest in Charge, Christ Church Anglican, Phx, AZ

In the tradition, on the one hand, of the short, pithy sayings of the desert fathers and, on the other, contemporary masters like Willard, Foster, and Nouwen, George Miley has gifted those who seek maturity in Christ with a map. I believe this genre is ideal for active meditation but also allows space for God to work in our hearts. I highly recommend Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life.
— Dr. John DelHousaye, Professor of New Testament and Spiritual Formation, Phoenix Seminary 


The short statements in this book guide the reader into the very essence of discipleship. By meditating, digesting and practically living these texts my life has been changed — especially my “every-day-ordinary“ life with my constant struggle between practical and spiritual responsibilities. George re-introduced into my days the secret of a rhythm of prayer and work — ancient monastic wisdom I had left behind because I chased the freedom of the Spirit. Now these rhythms bring order to my days and impulses for prayer into my occupation. This book will also be a very helpful guide for groups seeking to grow in faith together. The short but dense texts go deep. I recommend to “eat“ this work in small portions. You will, like me, come out satisfied, healed, calm and serene.
— Dr. Gabriela Schubert, leadership team, Mercy House of Prayer Vienna, Austria


Finally a book about how life with Jesus really works.
Finally a book from convincing examples in faith.
Finally a book written by a married couple.
Finally a book that answers where we are going, sustainable and into the next generation.
It is full of true reconciliation, fellowship, with godly principles.
As a businessman I like a lot that it talks about a building up of local movements, as all business is local.
Finally a book that explains how local fellowship can work.
Finally a way in which a local fellowship can enter a network and be taught how networking may work.
So true, so right, so credible.

Prince Michael zu Salm-Salm, Entrepreneur, Wallhausen, Germany

George Miley has distilled the wisdom of nearly a lifetime of walking with God into an accessible guidebook. Practical and profound, George’s presentations of God’s truths are helpful for any reader at any point in a spiritual journey. I’m thankful to have this resource for addressing important questions written in such an approachable style.

—Phil Thomas, Owner, Chick-fil-A Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ

George Miley is a gifted and insightful writer, teacher, preacher, scholar and leader.  I have been personally blessed for many years by his uncanny ability to distill complex spiritual and theological themes into simple, understandable, and poetically beautiful messages.  I have heard it said in our bustling and industrious lives we often find we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.  I am confident that busy readers of Maturing Toward Wholeness in the Inner Life will benefit from George’s method and style and will – a few words at a time – discover profound understandings rooted in the teachings of Jesus.
— Michael Hunter, Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives

I have gone through this entire book and now its message is going through me. This is not an evangelical snack, but a spiritual feast. I will want to go back to it and use it especially in my quiet and devotional time. I have known George and Hanna for over half a century and know they WALK THE TALK. That ministers  to me as much as the book.
— George Verwer, Founder, Operation Mobilization International

“You are looking at the wrong person.” is a foundational statement of George Miley that has shaped our friendship for 12 years. Looking at ourselves or others (looking at the wrong person) traps us in our daily problems. George communicates the life transforming power of looking only to God, listening to his Word and waiting for him to act. Through this book God speaks directly into our lives with irrefutable truth and love. Whoever seeks deep and lasting change through God’s grace should read this wonderfully understandable book.

— Hubertus Benecke, Attorney-At-Law, Benecke Rechtsanwälte, Oberfranken, Germany

— Dodo Benecke, Prädikantin in the Lutheran Protestant Church of Bavaria

I have learned so much from George and Hanna Miley, and this book is like having them with me as the mentors and friends they have for so long been. Maturing Towards Wholeness in The inner Life is a treasure chest of wisdom for spiritual formation, maturity and leadership.  The manner in which George brings us his insights and wisdom is worth a careful read, and regular and ongoing quiet contemplation.
— John Kelly, President, Kelly Benefit Strategies, Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Sparks, MD

Dear Hanna and George, A very big thank you to you both for sending me a copy of George’s wonderful book. It is full of gold nuggets and I absolutely love the format of writing in short tweets. It makes digesting those wonderful healing truth so much more digestible- a bit of medicine for the soul administered in little spoonfuls. Thank you so much Much love to you both.

Loving the Church… Blessing the Nations

Reader Reviews

A great book that defines what a church, no matter what denomination, should be. Beautifully and clearly written. The kind of book where you read a chapter and then REALLY think about what you read.

This book was absolutely amazing! It very clearly and simply defines several missiological principles. Very good read whether you have studied principles of missions or not. It is also Great for anyone serving in a local church.

A great book that defines what a church, no matter what denomination, should be. Beautifully and clearly written. The kind of book where you read a chapter and then REALLY think about what you read.

This book was absolutely amazing! It very clearly and simply defines several missiological principles. Very good read whether you have studied principles of missions or not. It is also Great for anyone serving in a local church.