Our Father is a teacher; but first He is a storyteller. A very patient artist indeed, willing to spend millennia, perhaps eons as we count them, unfolding His plots and themes, developing His cast of characters, adorning His tapestry with motif and symbol. His story is alive, eternally present. The drama is real and all creation is caught up in the march towards its glorious end.

Jesus was also a storyteller. When He encountered hearts hardened to instruction, He often spoke in parables. Doubters threw their hands up in frustration; but those in tune with the Story passed down through the prophets felt their hearts thrill. Foreshadowing was moving quickly toward climax. The Good Shepherd was among them, gathering His sheep. The Vineyard Owner had come to gather His harvest. The merciful Father was searching for his prodigal children. The King’s Son was issuing invitations to His own wedding feast, and they were invited! This Messenger was the Story’s center.