Crowds gathered around Him again, and once more, according to His custom, He sat down to teach them.   –  Mark 10:1

Our Father is a teacher. The Source of Wisdom delights to instruct those who will listen. His teaching is a gift of revelation and intimacy. When YHWH called Israel apart for Himself, He entrusted them with the Law. The Law was a window into His heart. It was a tutor, educating a nation to stand as a witness to the coming Kingdom.

How did the Lord teach Israel to worship? By loving Him alone. By honoring His Name. By resting on the Sabbath and ensuring their servants and animals would rest as well. By keeping faith with their spouses and speaking truthfully to one another. By guarding their inmost hearts and rejecting all covetous thoughts. God called Israel to walk with Him with by imitating His character. What a striking contrast to the demonic gods of other nations who reveled in drunkenness, prostitution and child-sacrifice!